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Islami Bank FD Rate | Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited Fixed Deposit Rate

Islami bank is a popular bank in Bangladesh. This bank follows Islamic Sariah rules, That’s why this bank is too popular among Muslim religious people. Islami bank offer one month to 10 years fixed deposit systems. In this post, we discuss Islami Bank FD Rate | Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited Fixed Deposit Rate.

Islami Bank FD Rate Chart

SLDeposit TypeDeposit Accounts NameFD TimesFD Rate (Provisional)FD Rate Calculator for 1,00,000৳ with interest
 1MSAMudaraba Savings Account1 Year2.251,02,250৳
 2SMSAStudent Mudaraba Saving Account1 Year2.251,02,250৳
 3MPSAMudaraba Priority Saving Account1 Year4.41,04,400৳
 4MFSAMudaraba Farmers Saving Account1 Year2.251,02,250৳
 5MSNDAMudaraba Special Notice Deposit Account1 Year1.81,01,800৳
 6MIESAMudaraba Industrial Employee Saving Account1 Year2.61,02,600 ৳
 7mCashmCash Deposit Scheme1 Year21,02,000 ৳
 8MPSAMudaraba Payroll Saving Account1 Year2.61,02,600 ৳
 9MUDAMudaraba Upohar Depodit Account1 Years2.251,02,250 ৳
 11MSSAMudaraba Special Savings (Pension) Account10 years51,50,000 ৳
 12MSSAMudaraba Special Savings (Pension) Account5 years4.751,23,750 ৳
 13MSSAMudaraba Special Savings (Pension) Account3 years4.61,13,800 ৳
 14MMPDSAMudaraba Monthly Profit Deposit Scheme5 years6.251,18,750 ৳
 15MMPDSAMudaraba Monthly Profit Deposit Scheme3 years5.751,17,250 ৳
 16MBSAMudaraba Bibaho Saving Account5 years5.11,25,500 ৳
 17MBSAMudaraba Bibaho Saving Account3 years51,15,000 ৳
 18MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt1 month3.11,00,258 ৳
 19MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt3 months5.481,01,370 ৳
 20MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt100 days5.481,01,500 ৳
 21MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt6 months5.491,02,745 ৳
 22MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt200 days5.491,03,008 ৳
 23MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt300 days5.51,04,520 ৳
 24MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt12 months5.51,05,500 ৳
 25MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt24 months5.511,11,020 ৳
 26MTDRAMudaraba Term Deposits Receipt36 months5.521,16,560 ৳
 27MSBAMudaraba Savings Bond Account8 years5.21,41,600 ৳
 28MSBAMudaraba Savings Bond Account5 years51,25,000 ৳
 29MNRBSBAMudaraba NRB Savings Bond Account10 years5.51,55,000 ৳
 30MNRBSBAMudaraba NRB Savings Bond Account5 years51,25,000 ৳
 31MHSAMudaraba Hajj Savings Account(11-25) years6Every year 6,000 ৳
 32MHSAMudaraba Hajj Savings Account(01-10) years5.25Every year 5,250 ৳
 33MWCDAMudaraba Waqf Cash Deposit Account1 year6.251,06,250 ৳
 34MMSAMudaraba Muhor Savings Account10 years5.51,55,000 ৳
 35MMSAMudaraba Muhor Savings Account5 years51,25,000 ৳

How to open Islami bank Fixed Deposit Account

Islami Bank Bangladesh limited offers many types of Deposit Accounts systems. If you want to deposit your money in this bank, you need your National ID photocopy, Nominee NID Photocopy, Your 1 copy image, nominee 1 copy image, and your house electricity bill paper photocopy. After going to IBBL you contact account opening section bankers who help you with opening Fixed Deposit Account.

Islami Bank FD Rate 2022

This is the chart of Islami bank Bangladesh’s limited fixed deposit types, rate, time, and FD rate calculation. We hope this post helps you to get information about Islami Bank FD Rate. For more about bank information, please stay with this website.

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